The Digital Assets Report 35

The Digital Assets Report 35


FTX.US acquires Bitcoin derivatives platform LedgerX
FTX .US’ owner West Realm Shire Services has executed a sale and purchase agreement to acquire LedgerX’s parent company Ledger Holdings.
Visa Buys NFT of Digital Avatar With Mohawk for $150,000
The payments network shelled out for a CryptoPunk of a woman with clown-green eyes and “hot lipstick.”
Tezos selected to enable smart contracts for leading european banks
Crypto Finance Group, InCore Bank, and Inacta are selecting Tezos to enable innovative, compliant on-chain digital financial products through a new token
Twitter appears to be adding the ability to tip using Bitcoin
According to reports, Twitter is trialling out a service that will let you tip other users in bitcoin over the Lightning Network.
MUFG boosts its crypto exposure following $41M Zipmex funding round
Zipmex is currently the only digital assets platform that has been licensed in Thailand. It also operates in Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.
Afghans use Cryptocurrencies as safe haven amid Taliban Takeover


Bitcoin & Ethereum Analysis 35
BitcoinBitcoin Bullish Short Term ChartI have relabeled the chart to show thecompletion of the first wave up from the July lows. I believe we are tracing outa wave 2 correction which could see a sell off in the form of a zigzag to aroundthe 45′000 level. If we fail to break 46′400 I expect to se…
Bitcoin price turns to test lower support levels as $50K stays out of reach
Bitcoin price action heads lower, with BTC firmly uninterested in a $50,000 resistance flip.
TA: Ethereum Bulls Keeps Pushing, Why Rally Isn’t Over Yet
Ethereum started a steady increase and it cleared $3,400 against the US Dollar. ETH price is showing positive signs and it might accelerate further above $3,500.
US: A historic gold investor is now buying Bitcoin (BTC) | CryptoSlate
Texas-based investment management firm US Global Investors has bought significant exposure to Bitcoin by investing in Grayscale funds.


Bitcoin Lobby Fails to Sway House to Amend Crypto Tax Rules - Decrypt
The crypto tax reporting requirements tucked into the $1 trillion infrastructure bill are moving one step closer to becoming law.
David Z. Morris: The Dawn of Bitcoin Geopolitics - CoinDesk
Latin American leaders have faced decades of repression by the United States. Bitcoin gives them a way to fight back.
The adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador worries US


Why bitcoin and crypto are scoring a boost from Powell’s dovish Jackson Hole remarks
Bitcoin prices and the broader complex of virtual currencies were on the rise and the U.S. dollar was lower Friday, after a speech from the Federal Reserve...

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