Crypto Charts 35

Crypto Charts 35


Bitcoin Bullish Short Term Chart

I have relabeled the chart to show the completion of the first wave up from the July lows. I believe we are tracing out a wave 2 correction which could see a sell off in the form of a zigzag to around the 45'000 level. If we fail to break 46'400 I expect to see triangle formation that will also ultimately lead higher confirmed by a move above 50'490. We would look to buy a break there and buy at the retracement levels on the chart with stops below 37'000. Looking for further strength in the coming weeks.


Ethereum Bullish Chart

No change in our ETH view , we were looking for a test of the 3500 level minimum after the wave (iv) triangle correction. We would look to buy at current levels and add on a move up through 3393 for a minimum test of the 3870 area followed by a test of the 4000 handle.
A move below 3057 would target 2890 where would look to add to long. Place stops at 2447.