Digital Assets Report 48

Digital Assets Report 48
  • Bitcoin and Alt-Coins prices rebound Monday morning
  • Celsius raises $750M in Series B Funding Round
  • Plot of land of sells for $2.48M in Axie Infinity Metaverse
  • Grayscale claims that the Metaverse is a $1 Trillion-Dollar Market Opportunity


Crypto start-up MoonPay hits $3.4 billion valuation as bitcoin fever reaches new heights
Cryptocurrency start-ups have raised record funding this year.
Celsius Network Series B Expands to $750M
The crypto lender said in October that the $400 million it raised then would reassure regulators of the credibility of its businesses.
WisdomTree Lists 3 Crypto Basket ETPs in Europe
The funds are passported for sale across 12 European Union countries plus Norway and Switzerland.
Axie Infinity Land Plot Sells For Record $2.48 Million - Decrypt
With a piece of land in Axie Infinity selling for a record-breaking $2.48 million, Grayscale has valued the wider metaverse at $1 trillion.


Crypto Charts 48
BitcoinBitcoin Short Term ChartLast time we said: ’Looking at the BTC has either ended or is very close to ending and we wouldstart to accumulate a long position at current level, add at 54′800 and again at 54′300, with stops below 44′000 with a move back above 59′500 confirming thatwave (3) is…
Digital Assets Market Intelligence 07
BitcoinWeekly Price Action * After increasing to $59k levels, prices suddenly by 8% after news broke out of the new Omicron Covid variant * Prices stabilized and found support levels at $53.3k * Price surged by 6% after news was released suggesting the new variant isn’t as severe as intial…
First Mover Asia: Bitcoin, Altcoins Rebound From ‘Black Friday’ Plummet
Bitcoin rose past $57K on Sunday, although investors are nervously eyeing the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.
Bitcoin Tops $58K With Focus on Omicron and Fed’s Powell Speech
Bitcoin is largely being grouped with other risk assets at the moment, one observer said.


New German government cites crypto in coalition agreement
The German coalition has cited crypto in its coalition agreement, vowing to make an even playing field for traditional finance and the crypto sector.
UK digital services tax targets crypto exchanges
UK tax authorities have introduced a digital services tax for cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the country.


Grayscale Says Metaverse Is a Trillion-Dollar Market Opportunity
Revenue from virtual gaming worlds could grow to $400 billion in 2025.
US Senator Pat Toomey supports digital dollar, nomination of Powell as Fed chair
Senator Pat Toomey said the rollout of any U.S. central bank digital currency should not rely on the Federal Reserve as a traditional bank for retail accounts, citing issues with privacy.
“Buy Bitcoin now”, advises Mexico’s 3rd richest person - TechStory
Buying Bitcoin is slowly moving from a niche audience to a mainstream one. Be it retail investors or large enterprise ones, everyone is evaluating the idea of accumulating BTC. And now Mexico’s 3rd richest person, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, advised investors to “Buy Bitcoin Now.” He even said that the …

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