Digital Assets Report 44

Digital Assets Report 44


  • Ethereum hits new all-time high at $4'416
  • Financial Action Task Force updates guidance for Digital Asset Space
  • ECB appoints new members for forthcoming Digital Euro Project
  • Olympus DAO loses $60 million in Phishing attack
  • Facebook rebrands as Meta and aims to build a new version of the internet
  • Cream Finance suffers Flash Loan attack and loses $130 million


Enter the metaverse: the digital future Mark Zuckerberg is steering us toward
The company, now rebranded Meta, already has a foothold in the digital world. How far will it go to see it succeed?
‘Crypto AWS’ Alchemy Hits $3.5B Valuation in $250M Round Led by A16z
The venture giant invests in the kinds of companies Alchemy has called clients for years.
Richard Li, Winklevoss-Backed CMCC Global Targets $300M for Latest Crypto Fund
CMCC Global, an early investor in the Solana blockchain, has also backed Cosmos and Terra.
Digital Currency Group Achieves $10B Valuation in $700M Secondary Sale
Two SoftBank funds, GIC Capital, Ribbit Capital and CapitalG, the private equity arm of Google’s holding company, Alphabet, took part.
Cream Finance Hacked for $130 Million In Another Flash Loan Attack
The attacker exploited Cream Finance through a flash loan attack and got away with more than $130 million.
Hive Blockchain Outperforms Crypto Miners as Ether Reaches All-Time High
Shares of the diversified crypto miner outperformed peers as ether hit a new record.
Fortress Technologies Buys 4,500 Bitcoin Mining Machines From Bitmain
Bitcoin mining firm Fortress Technologies has purchased 4,500 Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro machines for delivery in monthly instalments from April to September ...
Wharton Becomes First Ivy League School to Accept Cryptos for Blockchain Course Payment
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is accepting crypto as tuition for its new blockchain and digital assets program, making it the first...
A crypto project that raised $60 million overnight using a dog meme saw all of that money go missing in what may have been a phishing attack
The ANKH token’s price effectively went to zero in the wake of what appears to be a phishing attack, according to The Block.


Crypto Charts 44
BitcoinBitcoin Short Term ChartLast time we were looking for higher with Target to the topside are now 65′320 followed by the top of the channel and 67′700, where wave v is equal in length to wave iii. The high registered at 66′976 to complete the first wave higher and since thenwe have traded …
Ethereum hits new ATH above $4,400
Ether (ETH) is trading above $4,300 after a brief run to a new peak of $4,416 on 29 October, aided by demand as Bitcoin struggled to regain recent momentum.
Metaverse Tokens Rise as Facebook Rebrands to “Meta”
The race for the metaverse is heating up as Facebook has officially rebranded to become “Meta,” but judging from token prices, metaverse OGs don’t feel...


ECB Appoints 30 Members for the Digital Euro Market Advisory Group | Finance Magnates
Executives from Societe Generale, Nordea, BBVA and Deutsche Bank are among the members of the Group.
FATF Crypto Guidance Looks to Bring Industry in Line With Banks
The message from the regulator is countries have to implement these standards now.
BIS Report Questions Whether Stablecoins, CBDCs Can Create Risks in Developing Countries
The Bank for International Settlements paper found that although stablecoins may be adopted in some of these markets, they may also present wider challenges and have not been tested on a large scale.
Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Act Would Close Crypto Tax Loophole
The provision adds cryptocurrency transactions to constructive sale rules under the tax code.


Steve Wozniak says that the government won’t ever let crypto out of their control - TechStory
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warns that the government won’t ever let crypto out of their control or they will just disallow it.
The Middle East, the region that could revolutionize the crypto market | International News Agency
The famous American actor and crypto investor Kevin O’Leary highlighted the growing prominence of large investor groups in the cryptocurrency market, and suggested that the next price jump will come thanks to the Middle East. According to the protagonist of “Shark Tank”, the sovereign wealth funds o…

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