The Digital Assets Report 29

The Digital Assets Report 29


Uniswap Labs cuts off access to certain tokens through its interface
Uniswap’s official front-end succumbs to regulatory pressure, cutting a range of synthetic token offerings.
DeFi attracts 2.91M Ethereum addresses, according to ConsenSys
All signs point to the continued growth of decentralized finance in the coming years. Ethereum continues to power the revolution.
Crypto Miners in Lebanon grow amidst challenges
When Binance announced last month that Lebanese crypto holders could trade on Binance exchange using their driver license as ID, many asked the question how did the lebanese get crypto in the first place let alone be able to trade, given the current banking situation and the inability to purchase cr…
Marathon Digital buys another 30,000 bitcoin miners worth $120 million
All told, by June next year, Marathon’s expected hashing power would grow to 13.3 exahashes per second (EH/s).
Breaking: BSV reportedly suffers ‘massive’ 51% attack
Bitcoin SV was the result of a highly contentious hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain in November 2018.



How language in the infrastructure bill could roil the crypto markets
The Senate’s infrastructure bill requires any “broker” to report customer information to the IRS, but it could expand the definition of a broker.
The SEC needs more power from Congress to fully regulate crypto, Chair Gensler says
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said Tuesday that Wall Street’s top regulator needs Congress to grant it more power to oversee the crypto market.


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