The Digital Assets Report 28

The Digital Assets Report 28

What happened last week ?

  • ShapeShift Decentralizes with FOX Airdrop
  • FBI Warns Americans about Crypto
  • Square Builds New DeFi Business Focusing on Bitcoin
  • Fidelity Digital to Expand Crypto Staff by 70%
  • SpaceX owns Bitcoin, Elon Musk and Nic Carter believe BTC is becoming greener
  • Mining migration from China to Russia, US, Kazakhstan


Shapeshift to Dissolve Corporate Model, Platform Airdrops FOX Tokens to Community of Users – Bitcoin News
Shapeshift founder Erik Voorhees explained in a blog post that the firm airdropped FOX tokens to over a million customers.
Square is building a decentralized finance business using bitcoin
Square wants to make it easier to build “decentralized financial services” using bitcoin.
Circle Reveals Assets Backing USDC Stablecoin - CoinDesk
Circle published a breakdown of its assets backing the USDC stablecoin for the first time in its latest attestation report.
Fidelity Digital Grows Crypto Staff 70% To Expand Beyond Bitcoin - Decrypt
Finance giant Fidelity is beefing up its crypto unit to meet the growing institutional demand for altcoins.
SpaceX owns Bitcoin, Elon Musk and Nic Carter believe BTC is becoming greener
Coin Metrics’ Nic Carter is “glad” that Elon Musk has been reevaluating the facts regarding BTC mining but thinks that in any case “the environmental costs are offset by its enormous utility.”
Bank of America To Allow Bitcoin Futures for Some Clients
Anonymous sources have told Coindesk that some BoFA may already be set up to trade, with more on the way.
Cointelegraph Exclusive: Artist Damien Hirst says NFTs are like ‘the invention of paper’
British artist Damien Hirst spoke to Cointelegraph’s Andrew Thurman in May, answering questions by randomly reading the backside of his The Currency artwork sheets.


Crypto Charts 27
Bitcoin short term chartWe fell just short of the 36715 target to the topside ,stopping at 36000 before the sell off we were expecting continued. Look to sellon rallies with initial targets to the downside around the 26400 level. A breakof 28950 should see an acceleration to the downside . Failur…


US Treasury Secretary Yellen Outlines Plans to Regulate Stablecoins in Collaboration With the Fed, SEC, CFTC – Regulation Bitcoin News
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will convene a meeting with the Biden administration’s PWG to discuss stablecoin regulation.
EU Proposes Ban on Anonymous Cryptocurrency Transactions - BNN Bloomberg
The European Union is proposing to prohibit anonymous cryptocurrency transactions as part of a broader plan to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.
What the latest crackdown in Beijing means for cryptocurrency in China
What the latest crackdown in Beijing means for cryptocurrency in China


‘It’s fine’ to buy Bitcoin as gold substitute, says Trump ex-Treasury Secretary Mnuchin
Steven Mnuchin says it’s “fine” if you want to buy Bitcoin as a substitute for gold.


Kraken Intelligence’s Crypto Yields - Deconstructing CeFi