Crypto Charts 75

Crypto Charts 75


Last time we said:

If correct then we could see BTC trade slightly lower to complete minor wave (2) into the $22'200 / $22'700 area. Add to longs on this pull back. Cut half the position at $20'700 and raise the stop loss on the remainder of the position to $18'900

We traded down to $22'409 enabling us to buy more, raise stops to just below the major wave (2) low at $20'650 looking for a push up through $24'620 to confirm that wave (3) is underway.


Last week we said

We traded down to 1356 enabling us to go long . Use that level now for stops on recent longs. A move back above 1690 should signal the next leg higher is underway.

We traded as high as $1'749 but have failed yet again to accelerate up through the wave (1) high at $1'790. Until then we must pay attention to the alternative view that would see a larger correction play out. We are currently testing the bottom of the channel which we expect to hold. Raise stops now to $1'550 and the remainder at $1'356.