Crypto Charts 105

Crypto Charts 105


Last time we were looking for a triangle correction to complete b

with momentum dropping it allows for greater acceleration to the topside once finished in a wave (iii) of 3 which is often the strongest leg of a trend. Look to buy now at $26'350 and again at $24'245 with stops remaining at $19'500

If not long buy now at $28'350 raise stops to $26'000 now. A break above $30k will see short covering on the futures and should see an acceleration towards $35k level. A break below $26k would see a larger correction and the opportunity to rebuy lower.


Last time we said:

remain long with stops still at $1'600. It could be that we are tracing out a more complex triangle formation like BTC and if that is the case then look to add at $1'675 to longs with stop still at $1'600 the wave ii low

I have changed the count but not the underlying bullish view. We saw a low of $1'688 so we were not able top add to longs. If not long buy now, currently at $1'810 , and raise stops to $1'670.