Crypto Charts 06

Crypto Charts 06
Bitcoin short term chart

Last time we said

‘A move below 31017 will imply a larger correction is taking place. But we would use this opportunity to buy with stops below 28860.’

We traded down to 29241 before rallying 30 % off the lows to 38627 . Since then we have retraced in 3 waves and are breaking higher as I type this we are 34900 and would buy now and on a break of 38650 with stops initially below last weeks low at 28860.

Ethereum short term chart

We seem to be in the groove with this Crypto sitting nicely long as you can see from last weeks comment.

‘Currently we are tracing out wave (2) correction and I would buy now (1329) and add at 1256 with stops below last weeks low at 1043.’

We traded down to 1197 so we are now long at an average price of 1292.5. Look to buy now on dips with stops on an hourly close below 1271.905 if buying now or at 1209 on the average trade looking for a push towards the 1700/1800 level.